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Design + Technology Classes & Tutorials in NYC

Master a new skill on the bleeding edge of design and technology.

Be in-demand in NYC’s evolving design ecosystem.

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Upcoming Classes

Rhino 3D Classes in NYC

  • Develop a skillset in high demand for today’s creative economy.
  • Grow you career, professional skill set. and personal tool-kit.
  • Learn to create your ideas using professional design software.

Demand for proficient 3d modelers is rapidly growing across nearly every creative discipline, digital manufacturing is changing the way our products are made, and 3d design is increasingly becoming a standard workflow for design studio across all creative verticals.  Learn the fundamentals of 3d modeling and applications across a range of industries.

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Solidworks Classes in NYC

  • Learn to design in 3d using Solidworks
  • Create products with precision and edit-ability
  • Create engineer-ready designs

Learn to design products and objects in 3D with Solidworks.  Solidworks is used across the world by millions of brands to create manufacture ready products. With it, designers and engineers can make changes to designs quickly, solve design problems, prototype, and economically manufacture products

Learn 3D Printing

3D Printing Classes

  • Learn 3d printing’s contemporary capabilities and limitations
  • How industries and designers are effectively using 3d printing
  • Overview of hardware, software, and processes for 3d printing

Join us for our online 3d printing course as we cut through the 3d printing hype and distill all the information you would want to know about 3d printing into an easy to digest curriculum.  This class is for everyone from the hobbyist, curious individual looking to grow a business, to the creative professional looking to learn more about the contemporary possibilities and applications of 3d printing.

Learn 3D Printing

Grow & Develop Your Professional Toolkit

The demand for 3D Modeling as a skill is growing extremely rapidly in our economy.  Between 2010 and 2014, jobs requiring 3d modeling experience grew 1,834%!  In the last year, 35% of all engineering jobs require 3d modeling and 3d printing skills.  Across nearly all creative verticals, the demand for skills to reflect today’s job market is evolving.  Stay ahead by growing your personal and professional toolbox.

Find Creative Companies and Designers in NYC

The greatest creative capital of NYC is its people.  Find interviews of some of the most talented designers in NYC. Looking for companies to work for or doing research for business development?  We’ve also filtered lists of some of the top design firms and agencies into spreadsheets you can download.

NYC Designer Interviews

Discover Creative Industry Events in NYC

For both networking and leisure, there is so much going on at any given time in NYC, it’s difficult to prioritize.  We’ve organized a collection of calendars from some of New York’s most revered institutions so you can get a glimpse of what creative events are happening and where.  Find exhibits, networking events and meetups, lectures, and continuing educational opportunities.

Most Recent Interview:

Interview with Teknikio founder, Deren Guler

What is your background? I studied physics in undergrad and then I got a grant to build an energy-harvesting playground at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh. That's when I realized I wanted to learn more about engineering and fabrication so I went back to school for a masters in Tangible Interaction Design. The Teknikio kits are really fun.  Since you've been [...]

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Most Recent Blog Post:

How to Animate a Character in Augmented Reality

I've always wanted to have fun and try to make a character of myself for animation.  With Unity, there are a number of really fun opportunities.  You can take a digital model and turn him or her into a video game character, view in virtual reality, or create a character in augmented reality. The goal here was try to [...]

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