Best 3D Printing Services in NYC

We’ve all been there before.  Whether you are a hobbyist, design professional with a tight deadline, or student during finals or midterms week- you need a 3d print and you need it FAST.  Online 3d printing services can sometimes take weeks to receive your part in the mail, which may not be acceptable for commercial uses or for your final presentation.

Need a fast and reliable local 3D printing service?  You’ll need to determine a few things first.  These criteria will help you pick the right 3d printing service to use:

  • Do I need hands on help?  Or do I want to just send over a file to someone?
  • Do I need a special material?  Or will a common plastic extrusion model work?
  • Is this a rush project?

Best Services For Overnight Rush 3D Printing in NYC

Advantages:  Hands-On Experts, Wide Material Selection, Speed, Quality
Disadvantages: Price
Bluedge (Formerly NRI) has for a long time worked primarily as a large format graphics and architectural reprographics company.  However, in the past few years, they have expanded their offerings to include 3d printing as well as traditional 2D printing.  They have the widest array of industrial level machines available as a service in NYC.  Their staff is knowledgeable and experienced.  Also, they sell and service machinery – so they are keen on what can and cannot be done.  Great customer service.

Voodoo Manufacturing
Advantages: Volume, Speed, Low Cost  
Disadvantages: Hands Off/ Automated, Limited Materials
Voodoo is a more “hands-off” and automated service and runs exclusively using Makerbot Replicators.  The output of these machines is not considered industrial grade quality, but plastic extrusion PLA prints can be very useful not only for prototyping, but also for end use final products as well.  There are two distinct advantages to Voodoo are that they have a large number of printers so you have less risk of running into a production bottleneck using them.  Also, the price is very good.


Best 3D Printing Service For Plastic Extrusion Models
Voxel Magic
Advantages: Friendly and Fast
Voxel Magic is run by a knowledgeable, smart and passionate team that is eager to help you turn your project into a reality.  For a small studio, they have an impressive array of hardware and printing materials at their studio.  Very friendly and fast.

Voodoo Manufacturing
Advantages: Fast and Transparent Process
Voodoo is an exceptional option if you do not need any personal help.  Sometimes you know what you want to print, you know you want it from PLA plastic, and you want it quickly.  Voodoo is built for this.

3D Brooklyn
Advantages:  Talented Design Team, Ability to Tackle Challenging Projects
3D Brooklyn is a team of really smart talented guys that do really well with challenging and custom projects.  Great service if you are an individual who has an idea that wants to bring it to life.

Best 3D Printing Service For Metal Plating
Printaworld has invested time and resources into becoming experts at metal plating 3d prints – and it shows!  The results are pretty incredible.  Great for props and awards.  Sometimes you really don’t want to print an object in metal or cast an object in metal.  Faking it works just as well and is much more cost effective.

Best Service for Unique 3D Printed Projects
New Lab
Advantages:  Cool toys like a large format printer (1 meter x 1 meter build plate)
Disadvantage:  Closed off community – you may need a connection.
New Lab is an incredible community based in the Brooklyn Navy Yard that serves as the home base to several exciting, future forward and design driven businesses.  The building and the resources available are incredible.  They have many great 3d printers (and many 3d printing companies) house inside the New Lab building.  Printing is available for the New Lab members.

Best 3D Printing Service For Full Color Printing
Bluedge sells and services the kinds of 3d printers that print in full color – so they know what they are doing.  Along with an expertise in this area, they also have an impressive bandwidth to take on larger projects.

If you are looking for a full color figurine of yourself, or your friends/ family, Doob is the place to go.  They have a storefront in Soho where you can schedule a time, get 3d scanned and they will print an full color, realistic figurine of you.

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