Best Jewelry Casting Services in NYC

For jewelry designers in NYC, there are several options for getting castings done of your designs locally. You can take a hands-on approach and learn how to cast yourself, you can send a 3d file to be 3d printed in wax, or you can send a file to a local service to have them do both the 3d printing and casting for you. You don’t necessarily have to 3d print, though! The casting services will also cast hand-carved wax and other materials as well. If you are looking to develop your designs through CAD and 3d printing in a castable material, here are a list of resources that may help you.

Where to Take Classes For Casting
Learning the ins and outs of a manufacturing processes is always the best place to start. Not only will it help give you an intuitive understanding that will make you a better designer, but it will help you prepare for and communicate with other service providers. Here are some schools and classes in NYC to start you on a journey of learning how casting works.

New York Jewelry Design Institute

Bushwick Jewelry Casting

Where to 3D Print In Wax

If you are a jewelry designer interested in casting in NYC, likely you are working in wax in preparation for lost wax casting.

Although there are plenty of services based in NYC that you are able to just send a file to that will cast and print in-house, there are some other options for you if you are just looking to get a wax print.

Form 2 ($3,500)
The Form2 3d printer uses stereolithography to print in very detailed parts in high resolution. For a desktop 3d printer, there isn’t much else out there that you could get at home for this price that will be competitive in quality.

The Form 2 is able to print in many different proprietary resins, but the castable resin is engineered specifically for use in jewelry design.

Looking for a quick service for printing in wax locally? Check out these two options:

Xomox Jewelry

Cad Blu

Alternatively, you can look at Shapeways for their Castable Wax material.

The machines that these services typically use is either a Projet 3500 or a Solidscape brand wax printer.

CAD/ CAM Casting Services
You don’t necessarily need to have a 3d print in wax to give to a caster. Here are a list of services based in NYC that you can send a file to. Most all of these companies will work off of a 3d file and will print/ cast your designs for you. Happy Casting!

3D Factory INC

Tech Designs

Pafco Casting

Frank Billanti Casting

Carrera Casting

Premier Jewelry Casting

Taba Cast

Century Casting

Quality Casting

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