Where to Find a Job in Architecture

Looking for a job in architecture?  It can be a daunting task after school or transitioning from another job.  We’ve compiled a collection of great places to look (especially if you are in NYC) for job openings.   What

First Method: Find Interesting Firms

Although many are, not all jobs are going to be listed for the public.  This is especially true for internships.  It’s not an easy process, but you need to make a list of the places you want to work at.

List of Top Architecture Firms in NYC

You can make a list from memory, ask for recommendations, and do a google search.  However, these ways of finding firms are not exhaustive and a google search will only get you so far.  I recommend downloading our curated list of the top architecture firms in NYC.  Go through each one of these, see which ones you want to reach out to, and find their contact info.  Email them directly – or see if you know someone that works there.

Download the list

Next you should find some people at the firm on LinkedIn and see if you have any connections with them.  This may be a good way to go around the conventional job application channels.

Second Method: Search Job Boards

Academic Job Boards

Since you are looking for a job in architecture, it’s likely that you studied architecture at university.  A great place to start is the career services or boards that are specific to current students and alumni of your alma mater.  For instance, Pratt, Parsons, and New York City College of Technology all have job boards for their alumni.  There you may find jobs that won’t be placed anywhere else.  It’s also worth contacting the career services staff at your school to see if they can help you.  Frequently, there are job fairs for alumni and current students hosted at schools.

Center for Career and Professional Development (Pratt)

Career Services (Parsons)

Professional Development Services (City Tech)

Architectural Job Boards

These job boards are specific to architectural jobs and are essential in a job search.  Many firms will only place listings on one of these sites.


AIA New York Career Center

Architects Newspaper Job Board

Popular Job Boards

It’s best to cast a wide net.  Look at the main job boards and job board aggregates to make sure you don’t miss anything.



New York Foundation for the Arts

Networking Opportunities

Call your friends!  Tell them that you love them…and that you are looking for employment opportunities.  There’s no better way to get a job than to have a friend put in a word for you, or vouch for you.  You can also charm people in person by attending cool events that may work as networking opportunities.

NYC Architecture Events

Good luck!

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