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Rhino 3D Training and Classes in NYC

3D Modeling with Rhino Class

“3D Modeling with Rhino” is a hands-­on, project based, 2 day workshop covering the foundations of digital 3D design.

Taught by designer Austin Robey, the course will explore software applications as well as in depth technical underpinnings of NURBS 3D modeling to create beautiful, precise 3d models.

Rhino Beginners Workshop Information
Next Class TBD
Location Brooklyn Fashion and Design Accelerator
For Beginners/ Some Experience
Cost Special Discount: $800 $500
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Class Description

Class Basics

  • Learn effective techniques to create digital models
  • Create 2D and 3D geometry
  • Use industry standard software, Rhinoceros
  • Previous 3D design experience not required

What you Will Learn

  1. Efficient digital modeling techniques on industry leading software platform, Rhino
  2. A basic understanding and fluency with 3d modeling fundamentals
  3. Creating and editing curves and surfaces
  4. How to prepare proper digital files to be exported for the 3D printing process
  5. Creating both precise and fluid organic geometry

What You Will Learn

3D Modeling

Rhinoceros 3D is professional, industry standard design software that is used across a wide range of creative disciplines.   Take a Rhino class and learn how to build your ideas in 3d.

Skills for Today’s Design Economy

Employers across several creative industries are increasingly looking for skilled 3d modelers.   Develop an essential skill to buttress your resume.  Be in demand.

Design For

3D Printing and digital fabrication technologies are quickly emerging as accessible means for prototyping and producing.  Create 3d print ready file and design for digital manufacturing.

Why Learn Rhinoceros 3D?

Rhinoceros is a professional industry standard 3d modeling program used by nearly every creative discipline.  Including:

Graphic Design



Fashion Design

Product Design


Jewelry Design


Motion Graphics


The number of jobs in the past 4 years requiring knowledge of 3d design and digital manufacturing has increased 1,834%


The number of jobs posted on indeed.com requiring knowledge of Rhinoceros has increased 128% since 2014.

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Who Are Rhino Courses For?

The Hobbyist

The democratization of desktop 3d printers and digital fabrication tools has made it easier for hobbyists, tinkerers, and makers to imagine and create designs/prototypes.   Get started learning a skill that will open up a world of possibilities.

The Student

If you are a student looking to learn a new tool, hone your existing skill set, or learn to apply 3d modeling to your design work, this class is for you.

The Professional

More and more creative verticals are using 3d modeling as a crucial part of their design workflow.  Learn an industry standard professional 3d modeling program like Rhino to stay competitive and keep up with our rapidly evolving design industry.

Class Examples

3D Data Visualization Map

This 3D map was modeled and colored in Rhinoceros and then 3d printed in “full color sandstone”.

iPhone Case

This custom design iPhone case was modeled in Rhinoceros and then 3d printed in Nylon.

Tensile Structure

Form generated through tensile physics simulations using Rhino plugins – Grasshopper and Kangaroo.

The Instructor

Austin Robey, Pixel Practice Founder

Austin graduated from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY with a bachelor of architecture in 2011.  Since then, he has worked professionally on interdisciplinary projects spanning from fashion design, jewelry design, product design, and environmental design.  In 2012, he started Make Mode, a creative 3d printing and digital fabrication studio.  He has been teaching digital design and 3d printing since 2014, and started Pixel Practice in 2017.  While not teaching or working on professional projects, he write about design for 3d printing for Shapeways.  He lives and works in Brooklyn.

The Class Location

Classes are conveniently located in Brooklyn, NY at the Brooklyn Fashion and Design Accelerator.

630 Flushing Ave Suite 704
Brooklyn, NY

Why Pixel Practice?

Multidisciplinary Approach

Personalized Attention

Knowledgeable Instructors

One on One Consultation

Limited Seats – Sign Up Today!

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